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Role of a Juror

The Constitution of the United States of America grants certain powers to the three branches of government, whether the assaults are from a tyrannical government or a giant corporation, our Constitution, steadfastly rises to protect each person’s fundamental rights.

But the real brilliance of the Constitution of the United States is that it provides additional and specific safeguards between the powerful and the weak; between the fortunate and the unfortunate; between the rich and the poor.

Of all the additional and specific constitutional protections, the most important is the assurance of having our grievances heard by a jury of our peers. Jurors, and jurors alone, are able to secure our constitutional protections in today’s courtrooms. Neither the attorney nor the victim of a crime can deliver justice. The Judge is merely the referee to help a trial be fair. Only a jury, solemnly sworn to uphold the laws and constitutions of the State of Florida and the United States of America without favor or bias, can protect the weak from the strong, the impoverished from the well-connected, and the powerless from the powerful.

The role of the juror is to listen to all the evidence and reach a fair judgment. It seeks the truth. It and it alone decides what is true, fair and just. It does so without regard to status or position. The jury is the last refuge in the modern world where everyman may come to receive justice.

The jury is the cornerstone of democracy.

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