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FDA Recall, Warning or Action: While this drug is meant to prevent bone fracture, it may cause rare but still critical fractures of its own.

Prescription medications are often expunged from pharmacy shelves after recurrent cases of dangerous side effects are diagnosed. Our law firm’s trial lawyers work closely with product specialists to identify potentially harmful drugs, bad warning labels, insufficient medical directions, product design flaws as well as known complications. Now and again, the manufacturer or marketer may have already taken positive steps to remove the dangerous drug, or to label the product with adequate instructions or warnings. Surprising, there are still times where big pharmaceutical providers elect not to notify consumers or their doctor that a potential problem has been identified.

Side Effects of Boniva® Use

Boniva® is a bisphosphonate drug generally prescribed to post-menopausal women. It works by reducing degeneration in the bone. This process in referred to as resorption. Possible effects or patient outcomes include:

  • Jaw Pain
  • Jaw Feeling Heavy
  • Gum Swelling
  • Loose Teeth
  • Numbness
  • Jaw Bone Exposure

NOTE: According to the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, use of Boniva® is correlated to sudden or unusual bone fracture in the thigh bone.

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