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Aviation Lawyer in Jacksonville


The practice of aviation accident law is a highly specialized area that requires in-depth knowledge and experience with the many facets of aviation. Rules and regulations are diverse and complex regarding airplane accidents, and various types of plane crashes and helicopter crashes involve different regulations and regulating bodies that need to be understood in detail by experienced airplane accident lawyers.

The team of personal injury lawyers at Harrell & Harrell is headed by a senior attorney, also a FAA-licensed pilot, who has dedicated his extensive legal skills to the specialty of Aviation Law. The attorney has successfully represented victims of military, civilian and commercial aircraft accidents against major aircraft and aviation parts manufacturers and flight control personnel.

The team has excessive experience representing passengers, pilots and crew members in the large and complex world of aircraft injury law. This includes cases where fault may lie with people…such as crew, owners or flight operators; equipment…such as aircraft or aircraft components and manufacturers; and environment…such as weather, which can include air traffic control for unsafe flight instructions.

Airplane Accident Lawyer

At Harrell & Harrell, our team of airplane accident lawyers has several verdicts in the multi-millions, as high as eight figures (including $22.9 million in a fatal military accident), and provides the availability of attorney-pilots, chief pilots, and physician aviators plus attorneys and staff with multi-range and medical aviation experience. Their verdicts and settlements run the gamut of aviation law cases and its network of expertise is global in scope and professional recognition, many ground-breaking in nature.

Aviation Accidents with Bill Harrell

If you have suffered injury or family death from an aviation accident you should contact us today to find out how the Jacksonville injury attorneys at Harrell & Harrell can help you.



First, starting my journey with Harrell and Harrell, I felt so many mixed emotions. "Is it worth it?" "Do I want to deal with the legal system?" And the list goes on. I am here to tell you that my experience with Jamie Holland, Holt Harrell and their team of professionals could not have been more supportive, helpful, and encouraging. For me, going through a traumatic accident, surgery, and a long recovery process is bad enough. And when you add the stress of a lawsuit and in my case a trial, it’s one of the most difficult things I have had to face. But I will say that I never felt alone. Jamie Holland and Holt Harrell were by my side throughout every obstacle and every triumph I endured. They always kept me involved in the entire process and up to date on what was going on. I never felt like I was left in the dark and any questions that I had were answered promptly. I also really felt their passion for their job as lawyers and that just made my trust and respect for them grow continually on a daily basis. My experience with Harrell and Harrell could not have been a more positive one and although I hope to not have to use their services again anytime soon, I highly recommend them.

Brian Williamson

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