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Watercraft Accident Lawyers


Jet ski activities are adrenaline pumping but the driver of a personal watercraft has a duty to exercise the highest degree of care when operating their vessel. Unfortunately, in the excitement of a day on the water, the dangers and consequences often get overlooked and watercraft accidents can happen due to the negligence, carelessness or reckless behavior of others. Whether your accident occurred while you were the operator or passenger, you may be entitled to seek restitution for your damages, personal injuries and lifestyle changes caused by the incident.

The are many dangers associated with operating a personal watercraft and the injuries sustained in a jet ski accident can vary greatly. Naturally, with the operator and passenger being openly exposed and so close to the water, there is always the risk of drowning, or near drowning. In addition, riders are extremely vulnerable to broken bones, lacerations, concussions as well as serious internal injuries. When an incident involves a near drowning, the consequences can be even more devastating and accident victims can be faced with a lifetime of recovery from permanent injuries such as TBI (traumatic brain injury).

The costs associated with water jet injuries can be overwhelming, so it is important to remember that you may need more than just the minimum offered. Don’t be fooled by the at-fault’s insurance company and seek the advice of legal counsel from an injury attorney before you agree to any settlement.

Boating and Watercraft Injuries with Holt Harrell

Common Watercraft Injuries

Generally speaking, boating accidents are commonly caused by the same kind of negligence or reckless behaviors involved with highway accidents but with added perils, to include:

  • Driver or operator negligence
  • Exceeding speed limits
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Alcohol or drug consumption
  • Not following safety laws
  • Operator inexperience
  • Distracted driving
  • Passenger or skier inattention
  • Failed or faulty equipment
  • Horseplay or carelessness

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