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FDA Recall, Warning or Action: The FDA has required changes in the labels of gadolinium-based contrast agents. Due to their increased risk of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, patients with kidney disease are to be actively monitored after receiving the intravenous contrast agent.

Sometimes medical products are removed from use after a number of cases confirm poor patient outcomes or dangerous side effects. We regularly scrutinize the favorable judgments handed down by federal and state courts for cases related to defective medical products and negligent manufacturers. Now and again, the pharmaceutical company or marketer will have already taken steps to remove the dangerous product, or to label it with adequate instructions or consumer warnings.

Side Effects of Gadolinium MRI contrast agents Use

Gadolinium MRI Contrast Agents Gadolinium is a chemical element that is compounded and dissolved into a clear fluid that is injected into a patient and used as a contrast agent during MRIs. Possible side effects or negative patient outcomes related to NSF include:

  • Hardening or Tightening of the Skin
  • Red Patches on the Skin
  • Dark Patches on the Skin
  • Stiffness
  • Death

NOTE: Gadolinium MRI contrast agents Based on the FDAs review Omniscan, Magnevist, and Optimark are associated with a higher risk of NSF compared to other GBCAs in certain patients with kidney disease.

Wrongfully, there are still incidences where manufacturers choose not to tell patients or their doctor that a documented problem exists. Our liability attorneys can offer the best legal options regarding your specific personal injury claim or wrongful death case. If you suffered severe injuries due to a defective medical product, contact us at 904-251-1111 or 1-800-251-1111 for a FREE initial consultation.

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