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FDA Recall, Warning or Action: With over five hundred deaths reported to be associated with Pradaxa® last year, the FDA is currently conducting a safety review of the drug.

Physicians trust companies to market new medications and products in the best interest of their patient’s outcome. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., our medical injury attorneys work closely with pharmaceutical experts to expose dangerous products, inaccurate labeling, incomplete provider instructions, device failures and known complications. Sometimes, the drug manufacturer will take proactive steps to remove the dangerous drug or defective device or will furnish adequate instructions and warnings.

Side Effects of Pradaxa® Use

Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) is a blood-thinning prescription medication used to lower the risk of blood clots and stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation that is not associated or caused by a problem with a heart valve. Possible side effects or negative patient outcomes include:

  • Increased Risk of Heart Attack
  • Severe Chest Pains
  • Irreversible Bleeding Complications
  • Pink or Brown Urine
  • Death

NOTE: In 2011, Pradaxa® led the list of direct reports to the Federal Drug Administration of serious drug events.

Our personal injury lawyers often work closely with other accomplished drug litigation law firms to ensure a fair compensation for our injured clients or grieving family members. If you lost a loved one or suffered severe injuries due to a dangerous drug, contact an accident attorney at 904-251-1111 or 1-800-251-1111; or use this website’s Do I Have A Case form for a prompt response.

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