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FDA Testosterone Warnings & Safety Alerts: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a safety announcement on January 31, 2014 stating they are evaluating health risks associated with AndroDerm® and other testosterone therapy drugs. The risks include potential heart attack, risk of stroke, and death for men taking these FDA approved products.

What is AndroDerm?

Androderm® (testosterone transdermal system) is a topical prescription drug containing testosterone which is a naturally occurring male hormone essential for many processes in the body. There are two strengths of Androderm® available; one delivering 2 mg and the other delivering 4 mg of testosterone per day. The patch has a central drug delivery reservoir with a surrounding peripheral adhesive area. Androderm® is designed to provide testosterone to the body continuously over a 24 hour period. This drug is intended for adult males who have low or no testosterone as indicated by a blood test that was administered by a health care provider.

Important Safety Information

Testosterone therapy products are FDA approved only for men with low testosterone levels related to an associated medical condition. The hypothalamus and pituitary brain structures control the production of testosterone by the testicles. Problems with these brain structures that result in low T are one example of an associated medical condition. Other examples could include medical conditions that result in the failure of the testicles to produce testosterone due to chemotherapy or genetic problems.

There were two different observational studies that prompted the FDA to reevaluate the potentially dangerous side effects experienced by some men who took these drugs. The first was a study of older men in the U.S. Veteran Affairs Health system that concluded a 30 percent increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death in a group of men prescribed testosterone therapy. This study was published in the November 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The second study reported an increased risk of heart attack in both older and younger men who had preexisting heart disease.

What are the side effects of AndroDerm?

Many of the Low T treatment drugs have been linked to serious side effects. Some of the serious side effects of AndroDerm® include but are not limited to:

  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Swelling of the Ankles
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Yellowing of the Skin or Eyes
  • Red Blood in Stools
  • Redness, Rash or Hives

NOTE: It is recommended that you tell your doctor about any side effects you may incur while taking this medication. These can also include frequent urination or difficulty urinating, changes in mood or swelling in the lower extremities.
Are there ways of boosting your testosterone naturally?
Most men will experience natural declines in testosterone and HGH after age 30. For many men its possible to boost theses hormones in the body by incorporating short intense exercises in their weekly routines. Changing your diet to shed excess pounds is another great way to naturally increase hormone levels.
Who would be a potentially good candidate for testosterone therapy?
Men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism as indicated by a blood test are considered good candidates for the treatment. Hypogonadism is a condition with incessant symptoms and explicitly low testosterone levels affecting some older men.
Can stress significantly impact your testosterone levels?
One major contributing factor to decreasing testosterone levels in men may be chronic stress. Unaddressed chronic stress can lead to hypercortisolemia which inhibits testosterone production. So finding productive ways to relieve stress could help improve testosterone levels.
Who should not take Androderm?
Androderm® should not be taken by men who have prostate or breast cancer. Men who suffer from sleep apnea or who are seriously overweight should not take testosterone therapy. This drug is not intended for women especially those who are breast feeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits

Our dangerous drug lawyers here at Harrell & Harrell are investigating cases for men who have suffered medical complications after using testosterone products. We believe that the risks were not properly disclosed and many men may have opted not to take the drug had the potential harm and risk of death been made known. Moreover, Androderm® is only approved by the FDA to treat specific medical conditions. Pharmaceutical companies however have been quick to market their products to treat reduced sex drive, mood changes, and energy loss. These conditions can also be credited to naturally diminishing levels of testosterone from aging.
If you are a man who is or has used testosterone replacement therapy drugs and experienced heart attack, stroke, or other cardio vascular problems; you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the law offices of Harrell & Harrell at 904-251-1111 or 1-800-251-1111 for a free consultation. We believe it’s our responsibility to help hold drug manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by their products which could have been avoided.

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