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Ladder Accident Attorney in Jacksonville


A report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that tens of thousands of people receive emergency care for ladder-related injuries each year, with elevated falls accounting for nearly 700 occupational deaths per year. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job due to a ladder accident, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Harrell & Harrell, P.A., offer free consultations to determine if you have a case.

Using a ladder on the job carries a significant risk of injury, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s safety standards for use of ladders in the workplace require that businesses keep ladders free of slipping hazards and keep them under maximum intended loads. Ladders must also be secured in areas where traffic or activities can cause accidental movement, and be periodically inspects for visible defects.

Should a defective ladder be the cause of an injury, pursuing legal action may require the expertise of a product liability attorney. In other instances, a workplace ladder injury case should be managed by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., our workers’ compensation specialists can assist with filing for disability benefits and/or medical payments under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

Causes of ladder accidents.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites the following as the most common causes of ladder accidents:

  • Failure to brace or secure the ladder
  • Lack of training and inspection
  • Lack of contact with work surface
  • Stacking ladders to gain height
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Unsafe construction
  • Uneven steps or rungs
  • Performing work tasks while balancing on a ladder
  • Product defects

How our workers’ compensation experts can help.

Florida workers’ compensation laws state that injured workers are generally entitled to one of two types of benefits:

1. The worker can seek the recovery of payments for medically necessary remedial treatments, prescribed medications, medical devices, and general care that are ordered by the workers’ compensation physician.

2. The worker can seek payment of money and indemnity benefits for reparation of a work-related disability.

Personal Injury with Bill Harrell

These statements may seem simple, but the workers’ compensation claims process is not. For example, neither of the two types of benefits described above include compensation for pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of life, or other similar types of damages. In addition, the claims process is strictly regulated, with a number of deadlines and rules that few outside of the legal or insurance fields are aware of. To help ensure that you will secure the compensation you deserve, it’s essential to have experienced attorneys on your side.

Don’t delay: Contact our ladder accident attorneys now.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a ladder accident while on the job, keep in mind that the clock is ticking on taking action:

  • By law, you must notify the appropriate persons of any accident or injury at your workplace within 30 days.
  • You must file a workers’ compensation claim within two years of the date of your accidental injuries and one year from the date of your last payment for authorized medical treatments.

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