Animal Attacks Attorney in Orlando


When properly trained and socialized, most pets pose no threat. But a host of mistakes by negligent pet owners can allow a dog to quickly become dangerous. Failing to properly restrain a dog can cause harm to people and other pets. Even if a dog has never before shown aggression, fear can put him in defense mode and prompt a bite. And bites that puncture the skin can cause permanent scarring and serious infection, say dog bite attorneys.

Orlando Dangerous Dog Laws

Pet owners, attack victims, insurance carriers and government officials may always disagree about what defines a dangerous dog. But Orlando law defines a “dangerous dog” as one that has, at even one time, “severely injured or killed a domestic animal (dog, cat, ferret, rabbit or bird) while off the owner’s property.” However, in most instances, it does not matter if the dog has previously bitten someone or whether the animal is on or off the dog owner’s property. And, Florida law requires pet owners to keep their dogs’ rabies vaccinations current.

Bottom line, owning a pet comes with many responsibilities – most importantly, keeping others safe from their pets. If you or your dependents are injured by someone else’s dog, seek medical treatment immediately. Then, contact an experienced dog bite attorney with Orlando’s Harrell & Harrell.

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