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Wrongful death lawyers can help Orlando family members recover from the devastating loss of loved one. At Harrell & Harrell, we understand how a family’s life can be turned upside down and put on hold after an unexpected wrongful death. The financial impact felt by the family after a death can be multi-facetted as you struggle to pay hospital bills, funeral expenses and often without the income normally earned by the deceased. Attorneys at our personal injury law firm have the compassion and experience to work with the grieving family members to seek a fair settlement for their losses. If another’s unreasonable act, careless behavior or negligence shortened the life of your loved one, call us toll-free at 1-800-251-1111 to speak with our wrongful death lawyers about your personal injury lawsuit.

No one ever expects to face the sudden loss of a loved one but, when it happens, it is very important to act as quickly as possible to start the discovery process by documenting the events surrounding the accidental death. As the parent, spouse or dependent of the deceased, you have an obligation to protect the legal rights of the deceased by seeking the settlement that your family rightfully deserves. In Orlando, a spouse is entitled to compensation for the loss of financial support, the loss of companionship, the loss of love and the loss of the routine services that were typically provided by the deceased. Based upon variables like the joint life expectancy of a couple, our personal injury lawyers can collectively determine an accurate amount to use for an insurance settlement in any case involving a wrongful death.

Orlando Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our wrongful death lawyers can explain each step in the legal process and advise you at every interval as to the consequences of your decisions throughout your Orlando wrongful death lawsuit. When a life is lost because of the recklessness, negligent or thoughtless actions of another person or company, the claim for seeking a fair compensation for damages must be well-documented and properly presented. Every wrongful death attorney at Harrell & Harrell, P.A., has the experience and legal expertise to provide you with the expert legal counsel that you need while dealing with the reality of losing a family member. By definition, a wrongful death claim may be an end result of almost any type of accident or incidence of negligent behavior to include:

During any time of bereavement, it is almost impossible to focus your attention on the future. But, to protect the legal rights of the deceased, there is an obligation to take timely action to protect your family’s well-being. Normally, the deceased’s unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or funeral costs, can be recovered by the executor of the estate or the surviving family member that is responsible for paying the bills. When you choose Harrell & Harrell as your personal injury law firm, our wrongful death lawyers will explain your legal options for seeking reparation and compensation for damages. Remember, you never have to face the big insurance companies on your own. Simply give us a call or use our website’s convenient Contact form for a prompt email response.

How to Choose an Orlando Wrongful Death Lawyer

In choosing a wrongful death lawyer to represent your personal injury claim, it is important to select an accident attorney that has the experience to properly represent your claim as well as a well-staffed legal team working with them. Typically, in addition to the recovery of the victim’s medical expenses or costs associated with the funeral, the estate of the deceased has the right to seek compensation for the recovery of long-term damages such as the loss of wealth that would have accumulated in the victim’s prospective estate had the wrongful death not occurred. Minors or under-age children of the deceased may be entitled to recover damages for the loss of guidance, the loss of affection, the loss of financial support and the costs of the services that their parent routinely provided. In a wrongful death case involving minors, the law allows for the total compensation to be based on a collective amount that considers each survivor’s personal loss. Before we ask you to choose us as your Orlando wrongful death lawyer, we provide a FREE, no obligation consultation to sit down and discuss the details of your claim.

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