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Pool and Water Accidents Orlando


Pool and water accidents occur every day in Orlando. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., our accident attorneys are well aware of the appeal that swimming pools, lakes and water parks have for residents and guests to Central Florida. Whether the pool or pond is in a private setting or has public access, there are always inherent dangers that any property owner must consider. Since children are especially susceptible to the charm of these “attractive nuisances”, property owners have an added responsibility to help prevent accidental drowning and other personal injuries.

The warm weather in Florida adds to the opportunity for water accidents and swimming pool injuries to happen any time throughout the year. This is why it is imperative for property owners to understand their liabilities and to always be aware of the possibility for a dangerous, or even fatal, accident to occur. No one ever expects to get hurt while they are having fun but the truth is personal injuries from swimming pool accidents and accidental drowning are common occurrences in our state. If you or a loved one have been injured, contact us toll-free at 1-800-251-1111 to speak privately with an experienced swimming pool accident lawyer about your case.

Orlando Swimming Pool Accidents

In Orlando, pool accidents happen all the time and, in most instances, the extent of the damages is a bruised ego or scrapped knee. However, poorly maintained swimming pools and the common area around the pool can become deadly hazards. The improper placement of electric outlets or the faulty wiring of swimming pool equipment can cause electrocution, so anytime water is involved it is no place to be careless. A pool or hot tub is a great place to have fun but the property owner has to accept the responsibility they have to keep everyone safe from harm. Some common causes of backyard and public swimming pool injuries include:

  • Lack of Adequate Warning Signs
  • Water Slide or Diving Board Injuries
  • Faulty Decks or Slippery Walkways
  • Pool Chemical Burns or Contamination
  • Swimming Pool Drain Injuries
  • Negligent Pool Staff or Lifeguards

If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you need an experienced swimming pool accident lawyer to help determine the best legal actions to take for obtaining compensation for your personal injury and other damages. The accident attorneys at Harrell & Harrell, P.A., understand your rights and will fight to see that justice is served.

Accidental Injury in Orlando, FL

Common sense tells us that swimming pools, koi ponds and hot tubs need to be secured with fences and gates to keep unattended children safe. But, many property owners fail to realize the responsibility they incur for maintaining pools and related property, such as drains, decks, diving boards, water slides, pool covers, heaters and filtration equipment. In addition, chemicals added to treat open bodies of water must be used correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Swimming pool owners have an added responsibility of posting warning signs, such as a pool’s depth, and ensuring basic safety equipment like floatation devices are readily available to reduce the risk of downing.

As is the case with any accidental injury in Orlando, be sure you understand all the legal implications and possibilities before you agree to a settlement. Don’t agree to a settlement or begin negotiations with anyone’s insurance company prior to seeking the advice of an experienced pool accident attorney. We fight big insurance companies every day and their goal is simple, pay as little as they can to satisfy your claim. On the other hand, our personal injury or wrongful death attorneys will never ask you to settle for less than you deserve. Remember, the physical, mental and emotional impact of an accident may not show up until months or years after a swimming pool accident or near drowning. That’s why we take into consideration all of your future needs for medical expenses, lost wages, cost of rehabilitation, loss of enjoyment and pain & suffering.

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