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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorneys


In Orlando, motorcycle accident attorneys fight to protect the rights of bikers injured or damaged in a motorcycle accident. Riding a motorcycle in the Sunshine State can be a lot of fun and, with the price of gasoline today, a bike can save you money as well. But, motorists sometimes fail to see a motorcyclist even when his or her view is unobstructed and the rider has taken the necessary safety precautions. Considering the fact that motorcycle riders lack the physical protection provided by four-wheel vehicles, the medical injuries sustained from the impact of a motorcycle crash can be devastating. At Harrell & Harrell Orlando, our motorcycle accident attorneys have a thorough understanding of the unique legal components involved in a motorcycle-related personal injury lawsuit.

Motorcycle Crash Lawyers serving Orlando

Immediately following any accident involving a motorcycle, there’s often a tendency to blame the motorcyclist. However, statistics suggest that most serious motorcycle accidents are simply caused by the failure of another driver to see the motorcycle or rider. Most bikers understand the increased need to follow the “rules of the road” and operate their vehicle in a courteous manner. Many take personal safety measures when riding and never ride under the influence. Even with the warm weather of Central Florida, motorcyclists can be seen wearing leather jackets, boots, pants, gloves and a helmet. Unfortunately, despite all of the safety measures they may take, any motorcycle accident can be devastating, catastrophic and sometimes life-altering. To protect your legal rights, call us today at 800-251-1111 and speak with our Orlando motorcycle accident attorneys about your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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