Orlando Jetski Accident Attorney


Personal watercraft is plenteous in sunny Florida, surrounded by ocean waters and filled with rivers, lakes and ponds. The state’s waterways make it a top choice for residents and tourists. But the risks are plenty as well, Orlando jet ski attorneys say.

Introduced in the 1960s, jet skis quickly soared in popularity, particularly in Florida and California. In fact, these two states accounted for half of all personal watercraft accidents in the United States during the 1990s, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). This statistic led to multiple new regulations in Florida, including limits on wake-jumping, spraying and operation of jet skis in close proximity to other vessels; mandated operation of jet skis within 150 feet of the shoreline; raising the legal operator age from 12 to 16; and mandating boating safety courses for personal watercraft operators younger than 18.

These new regulations helped to reduce jet ski accident rates over 50 percent. Still, with recreational boating the second-largest transportation-related cause of injury in the U.S., second only to automobile accidents, per the NTSB, the risk remain high. Inattentive or inexperienced operators, speeding, and operating jet skis while under the influence of alcohol all are major causes of personal watercraft accidents. No matter how safe you play it on the water, other jet ski operators may not follow the rules. Plus, problems with faulty or poorly maintained jet skis can prove dangerous.

Jet ski attorneys with Orlando’s Harrell and Harrell specialize in securing fair compensation for those injured, or the families of victims killed in accidents involving personal watercraft. If your day of fun on the water takes a devastating turn, we can help.

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