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Maritime Accident Lawyers Orlando


Maritime accident lawyers in Orlando know the rules, regulations and legal principles involved in accidental injuries to a seaman (or other passengers) can be significantly different than other areas of personal injury law. Across the state, boats and shipping play a major role in business which makes Florida one of the leading states for boat traffic and maritime accidents. With the ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and miles of navigable waterways, the opportunity for boat-related accidents to happen at sea or in port is substantially increased. Many of the accidents that occur on water are governed by special laws called the Admiralty Laws, making it imperative to seek legal counsel from experienced maritime accident lawyers.

In addition to ships and boats, many other types of vessels and off-shore structures are regulated by admiralty law to include barges, drilling platforms, cargo ships, cruise liners, tug boats and even jet skis. If it floats and you were injured in an accident, reparation of damages will most likely involve specific admiralty laws. In the United States, these maritime laws apply to both commercial and private shipping & navigation, and regulates accidents involving towing, docks, piers, wharfs and piracy. Since maritime accidents involve complex issues of negligence and liability, this is not an area of personal injury law where you should rely on a boat owner or their insurance carrier for guidance.

Admiralty Law and Maritime Accidents

Admiralty law governs maritime accidents when personal injury is caused by an owner or operator of a boat, vessel or other water-related obstruction. These accidents can be devastating, and all too often fatal, so it is very important to understand all the possibilities when documenting, preparing and representing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit that involves special maritime laws. To seek a just and fair compensation for damages, an admiralty lawyer or maritime accident attorney must be familiar with complex issues including:

  • A seaman serving on board a ship is protected from accidental injury or illness by the Jones Act.
  • Passengers on board a cruise ship or commercial liner are entitled to certain standards of treatment and care while at sea or in port.
  • Passenger riding in recreational watercraft can hold the vessel’s owner or operator responsible for negligence or faulty maintenance.
  • Boat operators or passengers traveling in navigational channels have a right to expect properly marked impediments and properly placed signage along the waterways.

Although there are many obvious situations where Admiralty Laws are logically applied, there are still many unusual situations and circumstances that are regulated by maritime laws that the layman would likely never consider. If you or a loved have been injured in an accident on the water, seek the legal advice of an admiralty accident lawyer or maritime accident attorney before agreeing to any settlement.

Maritime Attorneys serving Orlando, FL

In Orlando, maritime accident attorneys can provide a valuable service when you need to evaluate your legal options and negotiate the complicated maze of admiralty law. As with any accidental injury, it is important to seek legal counsel to determine your rights before you agree to any settlement with a boat owner, operator or their insurance carrier’s adjusters. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., we fight the big insurance companies and corporations every day to protect our client’s rights and help them obtain fair compensation for their damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a maritime accident or while riding on a personal watercraft, contact us toll-free at 1-800-251-1111 to speak directly with our admiralty accident lawyers or maritime accident attorneys about the details of your case.

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