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Slip and Fall Lawyers Orlando


Slip and fall lawyers in Orlando help victims put their lives back together after an unexpected accident. Many victims of trip & fall or slip & fall accidents are initially embarrassed by the event and try to make light of the situation. But, slip and fall accidents can be very serious and injuries or other damages may not be apparent at first. Such situations should never be taken lightly. Any personal injury should be carefully reviewed so the long-term financial, mental and emotional impacts are included in your claim. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Contact the Law Office of Harrell & Harrell, P.A., toll-free at 1-800-251-1111 to speak privately with our slip and fall lawyers about your case.Property owners and facility managers of public places such as restaurants, super markets, retail stores, showrooms, wholesale outlets, movie theaters, etc. have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe place for the public. In instances of neglect or carelessness, the building owner and/or business manager can be held liable for any personal injury or wrongful death that occurs from their actions or lack of action. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, never try to negotiate directly with the owner’s insurance carrier before seeking legal counsel. An insurance adjuster’s job is to settle any claim for the lowest amount possible. So, never assume they are working in your best interest regardless of how concerned they may seem to be about your well-being.

Orlando Slip & Fall Accidents

In Orlando, slip & fall accidents should always be taken seriously as the full effect of personal injury and damages may not be obvious at the time the accident occurs. If you slip on a spilled liquid or trip over faulty flooring, never assume that it was your fault. Every property owner and business manager has a responsibility to keep their premises safe and to take all reasonable actions to protect visitors from accidental injury. Just because someone set out a “Wet Floors” sign doesn’t necessarily mean that they acted in the most responsible way.

Accidental injury is a tricky area of personal injury law and there are many details to be accurately documented before exact liability can be determined. In general, damages incurred from slip & fall accidents are covered by an owner’s premises liability insurance policy. After all, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure his or her premises are safe. But, there are many different slip & fall or trip & fall situations to include:

  • Slipping on Spilled Food or Drink
  • Tripping over Stacks of Merchandise
  • Slipping on an Icy Sidewalk or Parking Lot
  • Falling on Stairs With Bad Hand Railing
  • Tripping over Unattended Animals or Children
  • Slipping on a Wet Restroom Floor
  • Tripping on a Worn Floor or Floor Covering
  • Falling on an Unmarked Handicap Ramp

Although slip & fall accidents can be embarrassing and make you feel like a klutz, don’t negate your rights with a bad decision made in haste. There are many variables involved when personal injury or wrongful death results from a property owner’s negligence, lack of action, or unreasonable thinking. Since your injuries may have physical, mental or emotional implications that could last a lifetime, it is always a good idea to have an experienced accident attorney review the specifics of your case.

Slip & Fall Attorneys serving Orlando, FL

In Orlando, slip & fall attorneys can play a vital role in helping you understand premises liability laws and how to pursue any personal injury claim for damages. In many instances, there is more than one entity that may be responsible or liable for any number of circumstances involved with your accident. In most slip & fall cases, having an experienced accident attorney sort out the complex issues will give you an advantage as you approach negotiating a settlement through mediation and most definitely if the lawsuit is litigated in court. Simply stated, it never hurts to have someone with your best interest at heart on your side when negotiating with someone else’s insurance company.

As is the case with any accidental injury, make certain you understand the extent of your injuries and how temporary or permanent those injuries might be. Additionally, chronic injuries may require you to change jobs or may limit other activities such as playing with your children or enjoying a round of golf. Good slip & fall attorneys can use detailed formulas to determine a dollar amount that matches the collective impact of the damages that you received and the consequences that you are forced to live with the rest of your life. At Harrell & Harrell, P.A., we have the experience and expertise to fight the big insurance companies to help you get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Call us toll-free at 1-800-251-1111 to arrange for your FREE consultation.

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